Restaurant Review: Rooster’s Southpark

If you haven’t been to Rooster’s in a while, do yourself a favor and get over there.  We decided to go after a chef friend recommended it so highly.  She told us that the Executive Chef, Zack Renner, was amazing and that they served her farm’s pork.  That’s all she had to say, we were … Continue reading

Anniversary Week Menu

So, most people’s New Year’s Resolutions include losing weight, stopping drinking or smoking, or being nicer. Mine was to cook more. In order to accomplish this, I have *got* to get more organized. No more jotting down a grocery list with recipes I’m tagging on Pinterest. I have to make a weekly menu, and shop … Continue reading

Crisp in Charlotte

Everyone talks about how great Crisp is.  I, unfortunately, did not find it so.  Sorry. First, I’m not a fan of the minimalist furnishings.  I felt like I was in a FroYo shop.  The chairs were tiny and uncomfortable (read cheap) and the interior was so tight that even at the off time we ate … Continue reading

Recipe: Cobb Salad

I love love love a good salad.  “A big salad?  With lots of stuff in it?”  Yeah, I also lovelovelove Seinfeld.  Anywho, I found this recipe online by Kelsey Nixon.  I used the exact recipe, and made the dressing…but I HATED the dressing.  Sorry Kelse!  Anyway, I’m not including it here, so use your favorite … Continue reading