Fourk in Hickory NC

Fourk was the last stop on our Girl Nosh Tour.  We had a crazy time getting there: a flat tire while traveling at 75 mph down the interstate and an hour late for our reservation.  Poor Kim waited for us at the bar 😦  But we made it and it was well worth the trouble. … Continue reading

Youssef 242 in Hickory

Hickory has blessed few real “fancy” restaurants (when compared to Charlotte) so I was so excited to finally try Youssef 242 last night.  I’ve had it on my list forever, and somehow never got to it.  I made reservations in the middle of the night (thanks Open Table!) and like that we were in. We … Continue reading

Olde Hickory Tap Room

Olde Hickory Tap Room in Hickory (of course) This place gets rave reviews from the locals, so perhaps we visited on an off night?  I’m not sure, but I didn’t see enough redeeming qualities in what we had or the atmosphere to go back to give it a second chance. We began our meal with … Continue reading

Geitner Park in Hickory, NC

  Geitner Park is a very peaceful place.  We visited in July (and I’m just now posting ?) and enjoyed a pizza from Tony’s while listening to the crickets chirp.  Here’s a list of the amenities: Picnic Shelter Picnic tables grills gazebos paved bikeways walking and nature trails boat dock and ramp fishing pier rest … Continue reading

Tony’s Pizza in Hickory, NC

You want to know where the best pizza is in Hickory? It’s at Tony’s, in a little strip mall near Target. It stays wrapped up, so you know it is good. We like New York style pizza, thin and bendy. This pizza is perfect for that, with a crispy crust perfect for crunching. Another awesome … Continue reading

Cool Park!

We went to Cool Park today in Hickory and had such a blast! We have usually made the first visit here by now, but we took that trip to Disney right after school let out, so we delayed our first visit to almost July…unheard of in the Zick house! To get here, take StarTown Road … Continue reading

Catawba Science Center

  Even Realtors have to take a day off.  My kids were steaming mad at me because I’ve been going going going every single day for a while.  I turned the phone on low today and took them to the Catawba Science Center to get some brownie points and a little education. Catawba Science Center … Continue reading