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Christmas Tree Shopping with a Hot Chocolate Break

Christmas Tree Hunting



OK, so I’m late.  I’ve been busy.

This year we decided to go to one of our local farms and cut our own tree.  As we walked up and down the rows each tree seemed to be calling out to us “Pick Me!”   We told those trees to shut up and went to the prepackaged Frasier Firs that came down from the mountains.  I feel like a shmuck, not buying one grown right in my own back yard, but those were just…ugly.  Next year, we will just drive up to those mountains to get one of the Frasiers ourselves.

The Fam

Anyway, we decided to make a day of it, and we had fun.  The little farm had ornaments and other treasures for the kids to find nestled in the tree branches, a zipline (no.way.) and a carriage ride around to see the farm and its animals.  We brought along our famous hot chocolate mix and a thermos of hot water and had a grand time!

Daddy's Hot Chocolate

Daddy’s Hot Chocolate Mix

  • 30 ounces Nestles Quik
  • 11 ounces coffee creamer
  • 16 ounces powdered sugar
  • 25 ounces powdered milk

1 Mix all this together.

2 Store in container.

3 When ready to use fill mug or cup with half mix and then fill with hot water.

Too late to help you this year, but this makes a fantastic gift when packed in a clear mason jar.  Attach some peppermint sticks, mmmm!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Shopping with a Hot Chocolate Break

  1. Honey your blog is just so stinkin’ delightful! You really need some advertisers already!!!! Ya know it!? God Bless you and your family and your beautiful blog!

      1. yes, but the info is on my computer which is getting FIXED. So, until then, i have to wait until my memory is jogged or my computer is back on Monday. would love to give you the info.

      2. Hi Suzanne, try foodbuzz. Also you can blog thru a facebook page and try getting advertisers that way also! Friend me on FB and I’ll try and look up some of the advertisers on the food blogs that I have seen! Love your recipes! BTW, what part of Alabama are you from? I’m a Bama girl also, from the deep south! of Alabama, near the stae capitol, 50 miles south of it!

      3. I will look for you on FB…I was born in Montgomery, Alabama and my family is all near Prattville, AL. My husband and I went to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, too! Roll Tide!

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