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Best of Restaurants: Pizza

I’ve heard it said that even bad pizza is good pizza.  I challenge those people to try a Little Caesar’s Hot-n-Ready pizza.  Blech.  There are so many better choices, folks!  Example:

Cheese Pizza from Alino’s in Mooresville, NC

Pepperoni Pizza from Tony’s in Hickory

Pepperoni and Meatball Pizza from Grimaldi’s in Miramar Beach, FL

Half Pepperoni/Half Cheese Pie from Life of Pie in Gastonia

Three Little Pigs Pie at Salty Caper in Mooresville

Pepperoni Pizza from Ava in Charlotte, NC

The Bonamassa from Mandolino’s Pizza in Davidson


Pepperoni Pizza from Prosciuttos Pizza in Cornelius

Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza at Slice House Pizza in Huntersville, NC

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Best of Restaurants: Mexican Food

Mexican food is my all time favorite.  It’s my deserted island food, my last meal food and my go-to when working late.  Here are the best dishes I’ve found.

Shredded Beef Chimichanga at Margaritas in Denver, NC

Quesadilla Mexicana at La Unica in Huntersville, NC

Table-side Guacamole at Paco’s Tacos in Charlotte, NC

Pollo Loco at El Patron in Gastonia, NC

Pelusa at Los Mezquites Grill in Sherrills Ford, NC

Lobster Quesadilla at Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck in Charlotte, NC

Fish and Chips Taco at Velvet Taco in Charlotte

Street Corn from Cantina 1511 in Mooresville, NC

Shrimp Tacos from Village TapHouse in Mooresville, NC

Barbacoa Beef Burrito from Juan Loco in Cornelius, NC

Churros from Las Margaritas in Charlotte

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Best of Restaurants: Asian

Mary Ashley makes sure I get plenty of opportunities to eat Asian food.  She wears me out on it.  Upside is that I know where all of the good spots are ūüôā

Pink Volcano Roll at Joe’s Asian Grill in Mooresville, NC

Crunchy Roll from Jia Asian Fusion in Gastonia, NC

The “Prime Time” Filet and Lobster Roll at The Cowfish in Charlotte, NC

Dumplings & Tom Yum Noodle Bowl at Kung Foo Noodle in Huntersville, NC


Spicy Crab Roll from Sake Sushi

Pad Krapraw & Chu Chee at Thai House in Cornelius


Ginger and Garlic Miso Ramen at Ramen Soul in Mooresville, NC

Chicken Hibachi at Hasaki Grill in Charlotte, NC

Crab Rangoon Roll at Monsoon in Mooresville

Thai Tea at the Thai House in Cornelius, NC

Hot & Sour Soup at Kung Foo Noodle in Huntersville, NC

Sushi Salad at Japan in Denver

Lil Bastard Roll from Pisces Sushi Bar and Lounge-Lake Norman in Mooresville

Bang Bang Shrimp Roll at Sushi O in Raleigh

Veggie Spring Rolls at Barrel and Fork in Cornelius

Kei Krob at Phoenix Thai in Mooresville

Crab Fried Rice from The Goodyear House in Charlotte

Basil Chicken from Rai Lay Thai in Charlotte

Crunchy California Poke Bowl at Be Em Asian in Charlotte

Taro Bubble Tea from Pho NC in Cornelius

Soy-Glazed Spare Ribs from Seoul Food Meat Company in Charlotte

Pork Belly Bun at CO in Charlotte

Chicken with lemongrass (Com Ga Nuong Xa), Com Bo Nuong Xa (Beef Skewers) & Spring Rolls at Lang Van in Charlotte

Orange Chicken from The Cheesecake Factory in Charlotte, NC

Dim Sum from Surin West in Birmingham, Alabama

Crispy Fish from Oishi in Panama City Beach, FL

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Jia Asian Fusion in Gastonia, NC

Jia is one of my favorite restaurants in Gastonia.¬† The only problem is it is nearly in Cramerton, so if I’m out shopping on the main drag¬†(read that Franklin Blvd.) then it is kind of a haul.¬† But, lucky me, my sister is in Cramerton, so I usually stop by pretty often ūüôā

The restaurant is small and unassuming, but we’ve never had a bad meal here.¬† I’ve worked my way through most of the menu, and some of my favorite dishes include the calamari, spring rolls and hot and sour soup.¬† The calamari is crispy and spiced perfectly.¬† The spring rolls have pork and shrimp and are served with the most delicious sweet chili sauce for dipping.¬† But my favorite appetizer is the Hot and Sour Soup.¬† It is chock full of mushrooms and tofu and comes with crispy fried noodles.¬† Perfect for winter!

Hot and Sour Soup
Hot and Sour Soup

The sushi at Jia is among the best I’ve ever had.¬† The fish is fresh, and the rolls are innovative.¬† If you will check out the Specials board when you enter, you’ll see some specialty rolls that aren’t on the menu and even some that are with lower prices.


Lobster Cha Cha Roll
Lobster Cha Cha Roll

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Nick’s Steak and Taphouse in Gastonia, NC

Nick’s in Gastonia is a place I’ve tried to visit a few times before, but the timing was never right. ¬†I’ve gone a time or two and it was in between services, or closed for renovations. ¬†Finally the Foodie Bunch made a reservation and we visited last night. ¬†And since going out every weekend since January of this year, I think we all agreed that this was the second worst experience for dining we’d encountered.

There was one handicapped spot in front of the restaurant and it was taken, so we used valet.  It was awkward because we had to stop in the middle of the street and make a dash for it with traffic blocked behind us, and hoping not to get hit by the traffic coming from the other lane.  Once we got done with dinner, the handicapped space was available, but the valet parked my car across the street instead of making things easier on us by simply doing a u-turn and getting the vehicle in a spot closer while it was raining.  Valet fail.

So we get to the hostess station, and were promptly seated per our reservation. ¬†We were escorted to a booth with a two-top pushed up against it with 2 chairs. ¬†So, we had to move the two chairs to slide into the booth. ¬†Then we sat and the two top wobbled all night long. ¬†We asked why we weren’t given one of the 6 top tables, and she said “other people are in them.” ¬†I commented “but we made these reservations a week in advance, wouldn’t that give you time to plan for us to have a table designed for 6?” ¬†She didn’t answer, so I tried to move on despite our discomfort. ¬†Seating fail.

We begin to order and were promptly told that the prime rib was gone in addition to 2 other steaks.  We quickly went back to the menu to pick another item.  My friend and I ordered the French Onion Soup for appetizers.  The waitress came back from the kitchen to report they were out.  We then chose Shrimp and Crab Bisque, which we were told was out, too.  I finally settled on seared scallops.  So, 3 entree choices gone, and now 2 appetizers gone.  Our hopes for a delicious meal were quickly being extinguished.

The seared scallops arrived and looked nice.  They were sitting on a bed of sweet potato puree and looked to be seared  lightly.  I shared with table mates and we all agreed that they were just underdone, not enough to send back, but not perfect enough to enjoy.  The puree below was also not hot.  My friend got the Firecracker Shrimp and it was much better, though the shrimp were a bit fishy tasting.

Seared Scallop Appetizer
Seared Scallop Appetizer

Firecracker Shrimp
Firecracker Shrimp

Caesar Nicks
The Caesar is very cheesy. And has potato sticks atop.

By the time our entrees arrived, we had been sitting there at least an hour. ¬†With empty glasses. ¬†The steaks were barely warm. ¬†The compound butter didn’t even melt on them, just sat right on top. ¬†My dish was crab stuffed flounder with fried squash and mashed potatoes. ¬†The sides were both ice cold and my fish was flavorless. ¬†After one bite of everything, I sent the whole plate back and asked to see the manager. Food Fail.

Crab stuffed flounder
Crab stuffed flounder

Ribeye with fried squash
Ribeye with fried squash

Ribs & Shrimp combo with macaroni and cheese
Ribs & Shrimp combo with macaroni and cheese

The manager was gracious, apologetic and clearly exhausted from a long night where nothing had gone right. ¬†She comped our meals, though we try to reject her offer. ¬†We left a sizable gratuity for the waitress, though the service was not terrific. ¬†We all felt like she couldn’t face coming to the table to give or hear any more bad news.

I doubt I’ll go back, to be honest. ¬†Frankly, I don’t think Nick’s will be around much longer TO try again, unless they really revamp their service. ¬†If I were to give them a second chance it would be because the manager came by and tried to make it right at the end.
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Thai House in Gastonia, NC

Thai food is considered exotic…by me.¬† It’s not that I don’t want to venture out of my culinary comfort zone, it’s that in my little burg there aren’t that many opportunities to do so.¬† When I go to Thai House, the names of the dishes are in Thai (exotic!) but each is explained in perfect English.


We start our meal off with a delicious Thai concoction known as Thai Tea. ¬†It should be dessert, it is so decadent and sweet, but they bring it straight away to your table. ¬†It’s a strong black Thai tea mixed with a sweetened condensed milk, steeped with spices like anise and ginger. ¬†Incredible!

Tom Yum soup is an old standby.¬† This one is similar to others I’ve eaten, the broth sour and spicy.¬† This one was a little bit watery and not as great as the one I’ve had at Eez Fusion.¬† This one was full of shrimp, chunks of mushrooms, tomatoes, lemon grass and flavored with lime juice.¬† It was topped with chopped chives and cilantro leaves.

The Spring Rolls are magnificent here.  They are chock full of chicken, cabbage, carrots, clear noodles then encased in a wonton wrapper and fried to perfection.  They serve it with a sweet Thai dipping sauce and on the table is a tray full of chilies to add at your discretion for heat.  We needed none.

I’m not sure how “Thai” this sushi is, but I do cheater sushi on a good day.¬† That means I really only eat sushi with cooked fish inside.¬† These rolls are crunchy shrimp and spicy crab. Or maybe it is the other way around.¬† Either way, not a lot of funny business happening in these rolls.¬† I adore that bit of crunchy in there and the dipping sauce it comes with (that’s the two-toned dip) is spicy and sweet at the same time.¬† Magic!¬† Of course, I still do the redneck sushi trick of mixing my wasabi into my soy sauce.

If you are looking for delicious Thai food, give the Thai House in Gastonia a try soon.  We love it!

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