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Thai House in Gastonia, NC

Thai food is considered exotic…by me.  It’s not that I don’t want to venture out of my culinary comfort zone, it’s that in my little burg there aren’t that many opportunities to do so.  When I go to Thai House, the names of the dishes are in Thai (exotic!) but each is explained in perfect English.


We start our meal off with a delicious Thai concoction known as Thai Tea.  It should be dessert, it is so decadent and sweet, but they bring it straight away to your table.  It’s a strong black Thai tea mixed with a sweetened condensed milk, steeped with spices like anise and ginger.  Incredible!

Tom Yum soup is an old standby.  This one is similar to others I’ve eaten, the broth sour and spicy.  This one was a little bit watery and not as great as the one I’ve had at Eez Fusion.  This one was full of shrimp, chunks of mushrooms, tomatoes, lemon grass and flavored with lime juice.  It was topped with chopped chives and cilantro leaves.

The Spring Rolls are magnificent here.  They are chock full of chicken, cabbage, carrots, clear noodles then encased in a wonton wrapper and fried to perfection.  They serve it with a sweet Thai dipping sauce and on the table is a tray full of chilies to add at your discretion for heat.  We needed none.

I’m not sure how “Thai” this sushi is, but I do cheater sushi on a good day.  That means I really only eat sushi with cooked fish inside.  These rolls are crunchy shrimp and spicy crab. Or maybe it is the other way around.  Either way, not a lot of funny business happening in these rolls.  I adore that bit of crunchy in there and the dipping sauce it comes with (that’s the two-toned dip) is spicy and sweet at the same time.  Magic!  Of course, I still do the redneck sushi trick of mixing my wasabi into my soy sauce.

If you are looking for delicious Thai food, give the Thai House in Gastonia a try soon.  We love it!

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