Mary’s Famous Roasted Tomatoes with Garlic

My daughter, Mary, is a very intuitive cook. She’s very smart about what flavors go together and how to use up what we have on hand instead of buying all new ingredients, which my pocketbook appreciates! She came up with these roasted tomatoes that we eat like bruschetta. Her grandmother saw the picture I posted on Facebook, and asked for the recipe. Mary texted me the recipe to share with everyone and I decided to keep it here exactly in her own words 🙂 Love my sweet, smart, and thrifty girl.

Mary Zick’s famous roasted tomatoes and garlic. Fabulous!

Oven like at 400
Cherry tomatoes, sometimes half em sometimes I don’t

chop up however much garlic you like (I like a lot)

put it on the sheet pan.

Sprinkle on red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning salt pepper and olive oil and toss it (don’t put basil cause it normally burns on me)

Bake for like 10 minutes just depending on how many tomatoes you used

They should be wrinkled but still have their shape and I normally just smush them put some basil on top and put it on bread


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