Budget Tips: Cut Your Grocery Bill

I don’t know about you, but my budget has whittled away in this economy.  Gone are the days of free spending (as if we ever had those!) so here are some tips I’ve found to help cut your grocery bill.  For some reason, though gas has gone down, food prices have gone through the roof!  Use these tips to whittle your food bill:

Time Savers do not equal Cash Savers

  • You know those salad bags full of washed greens ready to eat?  They are about 3 times as pricey as a head of lettuce. 
  • Single servings of anything.  Time to buy the big box of raisins and dole out individual portions.
  • Trail mix is outrageously expensive, sometimes as much as $10 a pound.  Plus you have to pick out the junk you don’t eat!  Buy your favorite goodies and mix it yourself.
  • Powdered ice tea mixes:  Grab some teabags and make it yourself.
  • Bottled Water:  We all know that tap water is just as good, and you eliminate waste in our landfills and in your wallet.
  • Boxed rice, potato or pasta side dishes.  Buy your own staples, add your own herbs.  Better tasting and better for you too!
  • Tomato based pasta sauces:  I’ve seen some pasta sauces for over $5 a quart jar!  Have you seen the cost of a can of tomatoes?  And you probably have some spices at home that you need to use up before they go stale anyway!

Use Everything!

  • Vegetable trimmings and bones can be used to make delicious stocks.
  • Use leftovers to make pot pies, homemade hot pockets and casseroles.

Common Sense

  • Buy in bulk
  • Use your deep freezer to take advantage of meat sales.


Sources: Wallet Pop, Kim Tilley

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