Get a new attitude!

My Broker-in-Charge sent us these sage words of advice in her Friday update.  I liked it, and wanted to share: 

More from Jeffrey Gitomer’s:


Want to begin to change your attitude?  It will miraculously affect your success (and income).  Live these thoughts and exercises:

·        When something goes wrong, remember it’s no one’s fault but yours.

·        You always have (and have had) a choice.

·        If you think it’s okay, it is.  If you think it’s not okay, it’s not.

·        Ignore the junk news.  Work on a worthwhile project, make a plan, or do something to enhance your life.

·        For one year, read only positive books and material.

·        When you face an obstacle or something goes wrong, look for the opportunity.

·        Listen to attitude tapes, attend seminars, and take courses.

·        Ignore people who tell you that “You can’t” or try to discourage you.

·        Check your language.  Is it half full or half empty?  Partly cloudy or partly sunny?  Avoid why, can’t and won’t.

·        Say why you like things, people, job, and family.  Not why you don’t.

·        Help others without expectation or measuring (keeping score).  If you say, “I’m not because he’s not, “who loses?  If you say, “Why should I, when he only…” who loses?

·        How long do you stay in a bad mood?  If more than five minutes, something’s wrong.

·        Count your blessings every day.

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