Simply Good Sandwiches

Sandwiches represent a certain failing for me.  Whenever I can’t get a home cooked dinner on the table, I rely on this old staple to sustain my hungry people.  It’s a default if my kids won’t eat what I’ve made (yep, I’m one of those parents who don’t MAKE the kids eat what I fix.) … Continue reading

Three Cheese Enchiladas

My people love some Mexican food.  And this specific recipe is very special to me because a long ago friend from Osceola, Arkansas brought it to a church potluck once and I asked for the recipe.  She wrote it out by hand, and photocopied it since there were so many of us who wanted it. … Continue reading

Recipe: Easy Tamale Pie

I’ve come to the realization that so many of my recipes are not very “chefy” despite calling myself a Barenaked Chef.  But when you have 2 children and a busy day, it’s hard to pass off foie gras as a dinner choice.  So, I offer you, yet again, a comfort food recipe.  Not fancy, but … Continue reading


No one really entertains at home anymore and that is sad. For starters, eating out has become so common, that it isn’t even special anymore. Because of our busy schedules, time is at a premium. More often than not, your friends would be more impressed if you took the time to cook them a homemade … Continue reading