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Dish is a wonderful find in Charlotte.  It is eclectic, but only to a certain extent.  The dishes are purely Southern, but only if your grandmother was a hippy.  When you enter Dish, you will have to stand at the door and look around for a minute.  The outside doesn’t do justice to the interior.  It’s really very fun and funky.  The waitstaff is much the same.  Each is an individual and the times I’ve been, quite nice and helpful.

We tried the Fried Green Tomatoes for our appetizers.  They were tart and crispy, and perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of crunch from the golden brown spheres.  These are served with a very refreshing horseradish sauce that is spiked with dill.

Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Green Tomatoes

For my lunch, I chose the soup and salad, since I was a little full from the Fried Green Tomatoes.  That was kind of dumb, in retrospect.  The salad was fine, with the homemade Ranch dressing, which is always a must, but the soup was oddly chunky and not velvelty smooth.  I just couldn’t get a taste for it.  And Tomato basil soup is my favorite, so that is really saying something.  As you can see from the picture, my plate came with a deviled egg.  Creamy and rich, it was delicious.

Soup and Salad
Soup and Salad

No matter.  My son got the Chicken and Dumplings which arrived with fresh fruit and a huge biscuit, and of course, the deviled egg.  The dumplings were soft yet chewy, with plenty of tender chicken.  It was nicely seasoned and very thick.  The fresh fruit was a disappointment.  Does anyone really like cantaloupe?  The biscuit was fluffy and warm and the top was glistening with butter.  It was just good food.

Chicken and Dumplings
Chicken and Dumplings

Dish is a lovely restaurant, and a must-hit if you are in Plaza Midwood.

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