Old Stone Steakhouse in Belmont, NC

Old Stone Steakhouse in Belmont, NC

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Well, heck.  I’d heard so many good things about this quaint little steakhouse in Belmont, and I wanted to love it.  I did.  But I didn’t.

First, let me commend the owners on the beauty of the restaurant.  They did great things with the small space, making it homey yet rustic.     I will say that the restaurant is very loud.  I had a hard time hearing my dinner companions.  Another caveat for this restaurant is their excellent wait staff.  Our waitress was attentive and kind and never let us get too thirsty.  The kitchen also is efficient.  We had a large party of 10 and we were served quickly, as if we were a table of just 2.

The only bad thing I can say about this little gem is the food was not the best.  And unfortunately, the food is the most important part of  a dining experience.  We began with a variety of appetizers at our table, but I only tasted the Spinach Artichoke Dip with Pita Points.  It was really good, not anything extraordinary, but very good.  My next course was a wedge salad, and it was just ok.  I did like that the dressing was homemade, but the canned potato sticks on top were just pedestrian.  Next time I’d get the Caesar salad, I snagged a bite of my husband’s and it was good.  Plus, it had black olives!  Who does that?

My entree was a petite filet stuffed with lobster, lump crab meat and tomato basil.  It came out with a half lobster tail protruding from the center of this succulent filet with some crab meat jammed in the center hole the lobster created and drizzled on the plate.  The lobster was a bit under-cooked and not very fresh.  The crab meat that was supposed to be “lump” was certainly not jumbo lump.  Even more horrible was the fact that it was mixed in with this very strongly flavored chopped raw tomatoes with basil.  This delicate crab meat was completely overwhelmed by these aggressive flavors and just did not work.  Perhaps the worst offense was in digging the crab meat from the center of my filet and seeing it pink because it was drenched in the bloody juice from my steak.  The steak itself was fine, but I’d order it alone next time.  It was a grave disappointment.  My other dinner companions complained that there steaks were not tender; they had ordered the Cowboy Ribeye.  I got macaroni and cheese for my side dish, which was described as a deluxe side, and therefore came with an added cost.  The cheese tasted like a processed American cheese with some sort of Mexican flair, perhaps Rotel tomatoes? Skip this.

Dessert was fine enough.  Most of the offerings were uninspired, nothing on the menu grabbed my attention.  I opted for the chocolate cake, hoping for a moist cake, but was vaguely disappointed.  It was serviceable, but nothing I’d get again.  My husband got the chocolate creme brulee and it was reminiscent of chocolate pudding with a hard sugar crust.

If you are craving steak, I can think of 10 better restaurants to try for the same money.  Skip this place.

4 thoughts on “Old Stone Steakhouse in Belmont, NC

  1. I’m not sure what your expecting, but creme brûlée is just pudding with sugar on top and they take a torch to the sugar to make it…….. You gussed it HARD. Some places add fruit, syrup, etc…. But essentially that is it. I’ve had their creme brûlée before and it was outstanding.

    1. Hi Jay,

      Actually creme brulee is more than pudding with sugar on top, at least at the restaurants I’ve visited. It is custard, which while similar, is different in texture and a bit more refined. My point was that while it was good, it was nothing special and did not measure up to other brulees I’d had at other restaurants. If you enjoyed their brulee, I encourage you to write a review to tell of your experiences for this restaurant. This is my experience from the night we visited. Perhaps we’ll dine there again, and if I have a different reaction I will update my post.

  2. Umm….ok I’m just going to say it. Creme brûlée is simply pudding with Caramelized sugar on top. That’s it, nothing else. Sorry to be THAT guy but I hate to see stuff like that

    1. Jerry or Jay, whomever you are today…when you comment, I can see the email address you use. Both comments are yours. Please refer to my answer from your comment from May of last year. Thank you.

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