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RRR Tree Farm


Wellll…we’ll file this under better late than never.  But come November/December, you’ll be glad this is here.  You can thank me then if you wanna, too.

I’ve been wanting to ride up to the moutains and cut my own Christmas tree for as long as I’ve lived here.  So, 11 short years later I got my chance.  I can’t believe I waited so long, it makes me sad, actually.

OK, so you go just past Boone a ways and you’ll see the signs guiding you to the magical RRR Tree Farm.  From there you park and take a wagon ride up the mountain to pick out your “still growing in the flipping ground” tree!  When you find the perfect tree, tag it and saw it.  Or, you know, they’ll saw it. Anyway, it’s about $50-70 for a normal-sized tree.  Here’s the best part…that tree stayed fresh until the day we took it down.  In fact, if I’m truthful, it’s *still* green in the backyard on February 9th.  I’ll never get my Christmas tree at a Walmart lot again.


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