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Catawba Science Center

kids mad  Even Realtors have to take a day off.  My kids were steaming mad at me because I’ve been going going going every single day for a while.  I turned the phone on low today and took them to the Catawba Science Center to get some brownie points and a little education.


Catawba Science Center is located in Hickory, NC on the Salt Block.  We’ve been several times before but this time the exhibit is about deep space and also sea creatures!  We saw a program about Black Holes in the planetarium that was like an IMAX lite experience.  My 11 year old loved it!!  More geared toward my 4 year old, we also went over to touch nurse sharks, sting rays, starfish, horseshoe crabs,  sea anemone and the like.  We even saw Nemo and Dory!  They had a blast.  If you’ve never been up there, but have young kids, you must go.  You can sneak in a little learning and they won’t even know it!

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