Goal Digger

Some people think billboards are ugly.  Some folks don’t see them at all.  Some think that they are akin to litter to the eye.  But I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And this beholder of a new billboard in Denver, NC is pretty darn proud.

In 2009, my family was hit by a drunk driver who broke both of my legs, ankles and feet.  We didn’t know if they’d have to be amputated.  It was bad.  Worse, the guy who did it was on his 6th or 7th DUI (I can’t remember, he had a few “dismissed”) and he was completely lacking remorse.  I won’t go through the list of indignities we suffered because of that wreck, but I will tell you that I had to leave my job as a REALTOR for 5 years.  During those years I had 10 surgeries.  I was not in a good head space.

One of the things that used to drive me nuts was hearing how the community still supported this family.  It was not easy to see my friends liking their business page, when we knew what they were really like when money was involved.  Not to mention the indignity of hearing this same man had another DUI while awaiting our own trial, in addition to other arrests for violence.  He didn’t care whose life or legs he ruined and he certainly didn’t learn his lesson.   My (then) husband used to comfort me by saying that when it was all over with, we’d rent a billboard.  We’d put his face on it to warn people since he wouldn’t police himself and no one could seemingly stop him from driving impaired.

Then something happened.  Eventually I stopped obsessing about this monster (yes, I do still think he is) and just decided that doing that wouldn’t make my legs better, wouldn’t benefit my family in any way and was out of character for me.  So, I wanted a billboard for myself.  To better myself, to benefit my family in spite of the jerk who hurt us.  So here it is, 9 years later, I finally have a billboard and I’m so proud of all it represents to me.  All I’ve made it past in these long 9 years.  It’s a promise I made to myself that I finally fulfilled and it feels amazing.

Without my team at Lake Norman Realty #RollesTeam it would have never been possible.  Lucky, happy girl!



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