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Chima Brazilian Steakhouse

The Foodie Girls!
The Foodie Girls!

The Foodie Group visited Chima Brazilian Steakhouse this week, and guess what?  I didn’t get a single picture of the food 😦

There are several reasons, but the most true was simply because I was so darn hot in there I couldn’t think straight.

When you enter the building, you are immediately impressed by the winding staircase.  The dining room is downstairs by maybe 10 steps?  A tiny bit annoying to those with walking trouble, but a nice way to feel separate from the door traffic.  Can’t please everyone, right?

Cool things about Chima:

  • Free Valet
  • Unlimited Salad Bar
  • Unlimited meat
  • People come around and shave meat right onto your plates until you say stop.
  • The servers communicate by Iphones.

Not so cool things about Chima:

  • It was really hot in there.
  • They automatically added a gratuity to our table of 6.
  • Did I mention the heat?
  • We kinda had to look around for drinks.
  • We had to beg for our check as our waiter just disappeared on us.

When you are seated and your drinks are ordered, they bring around these little tapas for you to enjoy.  We had cheese stuffed popovers, breaded meatballs and this turkey spread that was surprisingly yummy on that meatball.  Once you were ready, you helped yourself to a plate and ran through the well stocked and beautiful salad bar.  That was the best salad bar I’d ever seen and I was like a kid in a candy store.  Everything was good, but my favorite was the endive salad.

Turn your coin over (it’s a cardboard circle, but whatever) and the parade of meat begins.  You’ll see ribeye, filet, lamb, fish, chicken and other stuff.  I will say that the “schtick” here is the overwhelming AMOUNT of meat you get.  And it is overwhelming.  But if you are someone who prizes quality over may just want to head to your favorite steakhouse.  The meat is good enough, but it is really expensive.  $50 for the meat and salad bar.  $30 for the salad bar alone (we had a difficult friend dine with us that night *Jeri*).  They had a fish and salad bar option, but we didn’t price it.

I’ve heard wonderful things about Chima, and was excited to try.  However, my dining companions all agreed we wouldn’t be going back.   Sorry Chima.
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