Christmas Ornament Cupcakes


I feel bad putting this under the “recipe” column, but sometimes you just need an “easy” fun thing to do with the kids during Christmas.  Believe me, you better enjoy it while your children “want” to do it, because the day will come all too quickly when they get bored with these simple projects 😦 


  • Cake Mix (any flavor)
  • oil and eggs for cake mix
  • 2 containers white frosting
  • food coloring
  • decorating gels, dragees, edible confetti, etc.
  • bag of mini Reese’s cups
  • mini pretzels

So, here’s what we did.  Bake some cupcakes (I freely admit to using a mix).  I’d fill them a little more than you normally might so they’ll hump up more when baked.  While they cool, take a few containers of store-bought white frosting and dye it the colors you desire.  Frost and decorate.  Top with mini Reese’s cups with a pretzel “hook” jammed in.  As you can see, mine look weird.  The only pretzels I found were football shaped and I couldn’t get a good “hook” out of it, but a regular shaped pretzel would work amazingly. 

I got the idea from: Homemaking Fun

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