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Carolina Raptor Center

Do you love bird watching?  The Carolina Raptor Center is bird watching EXTEME!  I never knew we had so many beautiful species indeginous to our area!

Before you get tore up because these birds are in cages, know that this is a center for injured birds who for some reason or another cannot be returned to the wild or simply have not been healed enough to be released yet.  In essence, it’s a good thing.

My favorites were probably the Owls.  They had a display with all of the varieties seen in Harry Potter and the Owls of Ga’hoole.

The paths that you wander looking at all of the birds and owls meander through shady tree-lined, relatively flat packed soil and pine needles.  While not really wheelchair friendly, it is easy for someone who has trouble walking to navigate, with plenty of places to sit and rest along the way.

There was even a section that had picnic tables if you wanted to have a snack, but there are prettier places in Latta Plantation (where the Center is located) to enjoy your lunch.

At the end, visit the gift shop.  The owners are so kind and knowledgeable.



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