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Bad Daddy’s Burgers

What: Bad Daddy’s Burgers

Who Said So: Charlotte Magazine’s Best of the Best 2011 for Best Burger and Voter’s choice for best Milkshake  and Charlotte Magazine’s Summer Fun for Chocolate Shake

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

Are you looking for the *best* hamburgers in Charlotte?  Look no further than Bad Daddy’s.  It used to be called Big Daddy’s Burgers, but for some legal reason they had to change it.  Whatever.  The delicious food is still the same.

Bad Daddy’s has 2 locations.  The one I visited was in Dillworth and is a hopping place.  And parking sucks.  But you have to go.  The only time I’ve ever been dissatisfied with my food was when we sat outside in November (covered area with big heaters) and my food got cold before we could eat it.  Next time in winter we will be patient and wait for an indoor table.

This is my standard order.  I never deviate from it, I feel you shouldn’t mess with perfection.  It is a build your own burger, well-done (but you can get them cooked any way you like!) with cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickle, crispy onions, mayo, ketchup and mustard. 

I opt for the tater tots as my side and they come with this amazing Bad Daddy’s dipping sauce that tastes like a smoky/spicy BBQ sauce mixed with mayo. My husband brilliantly asks for them to be fried extra crispy (I know what you’re thinking, but look, this isn’t health food anyway.).  I did not do that this trip, but they were plenty crispy for me.  Who needs mushy tater tots?  Napoleon Dynamite? 

I’m setting you up for my next admission by this picture and showing you how Bad Daddy’s “well-done” looks.  My husband decries my choice saying that my burger is dry, but it just isn’t so.  Plus, I have a terror of e-coli.  Now, the real reason I show you this is to prove I cut my burger in half and ate only half because I ordered THIS MILKSHAKE for dessert:

When it arrived, I was reminded of the scene in Pulp Fiction where John Travolta was complaining about the $5 milkshakes.  Which this was.  And worth it!  Thick and creamy, and you can even get adult versions with some liquor if you desire!  Our waitress was kind enough to separate ours into 3 small cups for sharing.

We love this restaurant.  It is a cheaper choice in Charlotte, but don’t expect it to be 5 Guys cheap.  But do expect it to be delicious. 

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