Bless Your Heart, Tramp

No, not you.  It’s the new book Susan from Housemasters Home Inspections brought me by today on her visit!  It’s is incredibly funny and written by Celia Rivenbark of  We’re Just Like You, Only Prettier fame.

Wouldn’t you know it’s chock full of food references?  This book is right up my alley.  When reading the first chapter I found this excerpt and knew the  book was for me:

Having a baby at age forty, or any age for that matter, is a whopping life-changer.  We went from impetuous, “What? A new martini and cigar lounge opens tonight? We are there!” kinda folks to the couple who spends Saturday night at K&W begging our twenty-month-old to please stop spitting creamed corn on our sweatpants.

I can relate.  To the lifestyle change, not having a baby at 40, thank god.  Anywho, creamed corn in the south never comes out of a can, uh uh.  My grandmother made hers in an iron skillet after taking an enormous knife to the whole kernels, and then turning the knife around and scraping down the cob with the blunt part to get the juices, too.  Put that in the skillet with a fair amount of butter, salt and pepper and you have got something heavenly.  That’s truly all you need to know to make good creamed corn, but if you are cooking/kitchen challenged here’s a step by step, ya’ll.  From

Printed from COOKS.COM

□   1 pt. fresh corn, 6 to 7 ears
□   3/4 stick butter
□   1 tsp. salt
□   1/4 tsp. black pepper
□   1 1/4 c. sweet milk
□   1 tsp. sugar
Cut corn from cob. In doing so, cut half the kernel off, then scrape off the rest. This is the secret of this recipe. Place all ingredients in a heavy 2-quart pot, on top of the stove. Let come to a boil. Turn heat down to medium low or low and cook 25 minutes, stirring often because it is real easy to stick or burn. “The best cream style corn you will ever eat.”

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