Highland Drive Park

Highland Park is relatively new and certainly the newest we have in Lincolnton.  It is a wonderful park with a lovely playground at the top and a picnic shelter.  I’ve been to several birthday parties here and it is really a perfect place.  The shelter is just a few steps away from the fenced playground area, so you can let your little one play while you set up for the party.

Speaking of the playground, your little one will love this one.  All of the equipment is relatively new and quite colorful.  I love that is has a fence surrounding it so that would be escapees will be curtailed.  There are plenty of opportunities to swing, climb, slide, balance and run.  That’s my little one climbing in the pink.  Everything a good playground should have is here!

There is also a lovely walking trail that begins at the top of the hill by the playground and winds its way through the wooded areas below.  There are

benches along the way for resting and a few picnic tables along the way for picnicing.  On our meanderings we saw adults walking and jogging, kids biking, roller blading and skate boarding.  There are also soccer fields and baseball fields for youth sports.

If you choose to visit a park in Lincolnton, this one is one of my favorites.  It’s new, fresh and happy 🙂

Here are the properties that are close by the park, call me if you’d like to see one!  Highland Drive Park Properties

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