Penguin Drive-In

The Penguin is an institution on Charlotte.  My sister lives just around the corner, so when she asked me to go one evening (after I’d driven over from Lincolnton) I thought she’d gone around the bend.  But it was artery-clogging goodness that awaited me and mine!

First, we began with a big basket of fried pickle chips served with a homemade Ranch dressing.  OMG.  It’s not that I’ve never seen or had fried pickles, but most places fry the entire spear.  No.  Not enough crunchy goodness.  Frying the chips is the way to go.

And the coup de gras:  a double cheeseburger.  Dear heavens.  I can feel my heart stopping. 

Full Menu

Recipes from the Penguin on Diners, Dives & Drive Ins

Get there quickly!

1921 Commonwealth Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205

(704) 375-6959

*Thanks to Roadfood.com for pictures!

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