Recipe: Delicious Veal and Pork Bolognese Sauce

Birthdays are big deals in my house.  You get to choose a home-cooked meal of your choice or a restaurant dinner of your choosing.  My brother-in-law, David, is so awesome (pictured with my gorgeous sister above).  He put in so many man hours on my new home, all for free.  So, when his birthday rolls … Continue reading

Summer Seafood: Low Country Boil

Summer just isn’t summer without a low country boil.  We go home every summer to Florida and invite the entire family over for a cookout.  This one is easy to do and when you are done, you sling the whole potful on a table (or in our case a door atop saw horses) lined with … Continue reading

Cool Park!

We went to Cool Park today in Hickory and had such a blast! We have usually made the first visit here by now, but we took that trip to Disney right after school let out, so we delayed our first visit to almost July…unheard of in the Zick house! To get here, take StarTown Road … Continue reading