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Splat! Coffee n’ such


My sister introduced me to Splat! when she brought me some delicious wedding cupcakes for my birthday. They were heavenly! Almond cake with a yummy fluffy white icing and pearl dragees. Honestly, I am not a fan of the crunchy dragees, but they were so pretty, I forgave the garnish.

Even though I admittedly went in for cupcakes, I did sample an Italian soda and it was sweet and delicious. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm, with plenty of seating.

The selection of baked goods here is small, but you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy!

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Baked by Melissa in NYC

So I mentioned yesterday that the hubs went to NYC and brought us back 2 boxes of cupcakes.  This be the second box.  And the best box. Sorry, Magnolia Bakery.

Here’s the difference, the cupcakes Baked by Melissa are tiny little morsels, about the circumference of a quarter. But they pack a ton of flavor into that bite.  The box we got was a nice mixture of differing flavors, and each of us had our favorites.

The flavors we were brought were (left to right, top to bottom):

Cookies and Cream & Mint Chocolate Chip

Cookie Dough & Cinnamon

S’mores & Chocolate Chip Pancake

I cannot believe he didn’t bring us 5 boxes.  They were so amazing, so moist and such flavor packed in those tiny bites.  I might fly up to New York myself to get them soon.

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Magnolia Bakery in NYC

Hubby had to go to Jersey for business a month ago and wandered into NYC for the night.  God love him, he didn’t bring us home Hard Rock Cafe Tshirts, nor mini figurines of the Statue of Libery…he brought us cupcakes. From two famous eateries in New York City that I’ve only dreamed of visiting. This one I’m reviewing is Magnolia Bakery.   Now that is a good man.

This store that had its humble beginnings as an old-fashioned coffee and bake shop in Greenwich Village has now expanded its number to eight.

My hubs brought back vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate buttercream.  They were about $3 each, a steal.  This cake was moist yet dense and had just the right hint of vanilla bean.  The buttercream was purely sinful, made with real butter and just enough cocoa to make it chocolatey but not too much so.  I gave the vanilla on vanilla to my mom and sister and they declared it delectable as well.  Next time we visit NYC, I’m going to go out on a limb with some of their Specialty flavors!