Olde Hickory Tap Room

Olde Hickory Tap Room in Hickory (of course)

This place gets rave reviews from the locals, so perhaps we visited on an off night?  I’m not sure, but I didn’t see enough redeeming qualities in what we had or the atmosphere to go back to give it a second chance.

We began our meal with the soup of the day: French Onion Soup.  Ours arrived cold and we sent it back.  When it came back, the cheese was melted and it was warm, but it was flavorless.  No amount of salt helped, so we sent it back to the kitchen.


My son had the chicken tender plate.  They were homemade, not frozen, but lacked any sort of seasoning at all.  My teenage son scarfed them anyway.


Lucky me got the worst dish of the night.  The Brutus Caesar salad with fried oysters and big ole anchovies.  Now, I know a Caesar salad has anchovies in the dressing.  That doesn’t freak me out.  However, when I inadvertently put what I thought was a mushroom in my mouth, I thought I’d gag.  It tasted like fishy dirt.  I attempted to pick them all out, but a few remained to spike random bites until I finally gave up.  I then tried eating the oysters on top, but they were so huge and unwieldy, I couldn’t make it through those either.  I left the restaurant starved.


Dustin got the Tomato Grill which was basically a tomato sandwich.  Supposedly the tomatoes were blackened, but not really.  You’ll notice the wilted lettuce on the sandwich?  Anyway, my husband did eat it because, hey, tomato sandwich.  Would he get it again?  No.

The best dish of the night was this:


Which is ok, since it is a tap room.
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Tony’s Pizza in Hickory, NC

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You want to know where the best pizza is in Hickory? It’s at Tony’s, in a little strip mall near Target. It stays wrapped up, so you know it is good. We like New York style pizza, thin and bendy. This pizza is perfect for that, with a crispy crust perfect for crunching.

Another awesome fact about Tony’s is that they sell pizza by the slice, just like in NYC! I always go with the fam, so we just get a whole pie, but you know, the option’s there. I can’t really speak on any of the other items on the menu, because I never stray from the pizza. Never.

Don’t miss this restaurant.